One of the best selfcare practices you can do for your health is having a bedtime routine. Making time to slow down and going to bed early enough for your schedule. Here are a few tips to help you create a bedtime routine, so you may receive deeper more peaceful and restorative sleep.

Good sleep starts with what we put into our bodies. Making conscience healthy choices of the foods and beverages you are consuming are important. Also be aware of what you consume through social media, tv, and news. Be aware of how these may be taking a toll on your soul. Do your best to eat your last meal 2 hours to digest your last meal before going to bed. Otherwise your body will be using most of your energy digesting instead of deepening your sleep and repairing your body. Any dairy is highly avoided especially before bed. Dairy products make waking up the next day more difficult.

Set a time to start moving slower, turn down the lights, and unplug from your devices. Do yourself a favor and put electronics devices to bed. Its best to give yourself at least an hour without screens before bed. If you can leave them in a room other than your bedroom that would be best. Take this time to make a list of what needs to be taken care of for the next day. Forgive yourself for anything that is bothering you or maybe something you did not get to today. Write a gratitude list or list of what was accomplished today. If there is something on your list that you need help with just call upon the Angels. They are lovingly waiting to assist you. Here is a wonderful meditation to add to your bedtime routine.

SHABD BEDTIME MEDITATION: This meditation if practiced regularly before bed every night or a few times a week will bring you deeper more relaxed sleep. It helps you to recover from normal daily stress. You will think better, work better, share better, and love better.

MUDRA: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Hands rest in your lap, Buddha Mudra, palms facing up right hand resting on top of left hand. Thumbs touch pointing forward.

EYES: Gaze is at the tip of the nose. The eyes are just nine-tenths closed.

BREATH: Inhale in Four equal parts (4 sniffs) through the nose. Mentally vibrate SA TA NA MA with the four parts of the inhale.

Hold the breath and mentally repeat four repetitions of SA TA NA MA a total of 16 counts



Then exhale in two equal parts, mentally projecting

Continue for 11, 15, 22,31, or even 62 minutes. This meditation often puts you to sleep before you complete the allotted time.
Controlling the rhythm of the breath strengthens the nervous system and regenerates the nerves. After a few months, the rhythm of your breath will be subconsciously regulated, and eventually you will internally chant the mantra while you sleep. You may wake up to the internal chant of the mantra and hear it in your daily activities. From Guru Rattana Intoduction to Kundalini and Meditation Vol I. Originally taught April 1,1974 Yogi Bhajan

Krista Hari Kirin Kaur