Vanessa offers

private sessions for:

Angelic Coaching,  Hypnoses/Reincarnation Therapy,

and Kundalini Therapy/Yoga

Vanessa studied Computer Science in Europe and worked many years in that area, in well-known international companies. After many unique spiritual experiences and many American plus international educations in the Health and Health Prevention area, she changed her job. She believes that each person is the center of their universe, and their life issues show the development in life. Therefore she always keeps going with learning and works daily on different healing and meditation techniques. She is an angel believer, loves everything connected to divine love and consciousness of divine wisdom.

She is already more than 17 years 3HO Kundalini Yoga instructor. Vanessa also is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor for Prenatal Yoga and more. She is an angelic spiritual teacher and has many years of experience supporting clients with Kundalini Yoga Therapy, Reincarnation Therapy, other energetic healing techniques like Reiki, and more. She loves to help those ready to activate their consciousness for true love and those would like to find solutions for important life issues.

Her main area is to support her clients in finding the right soul-mate or fixing their relationships with existing life partners!

“Her soul was calling for a genuine connection with her soul-mate, who also was ready to be with her. After many astral travels with her soul-mate in the celestial spheres, they met in a yoga course on earth. Mostly understanding how the divine brought them together and feeling deep love for each other, Vanessa and her soul-mate were married in 2012. During many years of experience in connecting with the right soul-mate, she specialized in supporting others. She helped many pairs to come together for more than 12 years.”

Angelic Coaching

Vanessa is a certified Life Coach, angelic medium, and Author. Experience her divine inner guidance and knowledge in a private coaching session. She has helped many other spiritual teachers, yoga instructors, Authors, and other clients with her knowledge and abilities for many years. Vanessa has deep spiritual coaching experience of about 20 years. She is certified by Touchstone for Life Coach methods and has expertise in Therapy, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention.


Reincarnation Therapy

This session work with therapeutic hypnoses, relaxation, breath, reprogramming of subconscious memories and diseases. She is a certified Hypnoses and Reincarnation Therapist. If you need support to solve the challenges of life on a deeper level, this therapy is for you.

Kundalini Yoga Therapy

 A highly holistic approach to healing and development. This therapy works with Yoga Medicine, knowledge of Asian and European Medicine. Vanessa is certified Kundalini Yoga Therapist (ISKY), and she will support you based on your individual needs effectively.

Exclusive Kundalini Yoga

We work more profoundly and precisely to your specific needs to help with your personal yoga class life challenges. Vanessa Sat Siri Kaur will support you with over 17 years of experience teaching and working as a Kundalini Yoga instructor with her deep knowledge.