Vanessa offers

private therapy services:

Angelic Coaching and Reincarnation Therapy

Vanessa is certified angelic Coach, and Therapist. She has over 20 year experience in supporting her clients with different spiritual and alternative medical modalities. If you would like to know more about her please read under following link: click here

Angelic Coaching

Vanessa is a certified Life Coach, angelic medium, and Author. Experience her divine inner guidance and knowledge in a private coaching session. She has helped many other spiritual teachers, yoga instructors, Authors, and other clients with her knowledge and abilities for many years. Vanessa has deep spiritual coaching experience of about 20 years. She is certified by Touchstone for Life Coach methods and has expertise in Therapy, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention.

Reincarnation Therapy

This session work with therapeutic hypnoses, relaxation, breath, reprogramming of subconscious memories and diseases. She is a certified Hypnoses and Reincarnation Therapist. If you need support to solve the challenges of life on a deeper level, this therapy is for you.