Krista Hari Kirin Kaur

Hari Kirin Kaur is an experienced Kundalini Yogini, artist, crystal healer and proud mama to a rescue pit-bull. Growing up Krista excelled as an athlete and enjoyed the thrill of competitive sports, and naturally became drawn to all types of yoga for its physical benefits. She began connecting with the Angels and was guided to Kundalini Yoga where her transformation accelerated.

Practicing yoga provided her with so much more than just a fit body. Kundalini gifted her a peaceful mind, an open heart and deeper connection with herself and God. Hari Kirin enjoys creating a safe space for all students to connect with their own bodies and to push through any obstacles or physical limitations. Whatever you are going through, Krista believes Kundalini will provide the tools to overcome any situation in your life. Krista’s intention with each class is to move in a powerful and loving way, and to leave class shining! Hari Kirin Kaur Krista is excited to share her passion for Kundalini Yoga and to help students find their path to self healing.