Spiritual Gemstone Jewelry

by Vanessa

After years of teaching Kundalini Yoga, Vanessa Sat Siri Kaur received a lot of requests from her yoga students to create something special for them such as Japa Malas or bracelets. Her unique angelic energies and the power of connecting to unconditional love are what make her classes and jewelry so powerful and special.

Vanessa Sat Siri Kaur, at first, did not know how to create any kind of jewelry. She was asking the angels, god, and the universe: “How can I create something unique for my students? It should support and serve them in a unique way.” As it manifested itself, a new miracle happened. Energies began to flow through her body and hands when she puts each bead in a special position. After a learning process, she began to create guided Angelic and Kundalini energy Japa Malas and bracelets. She saw that only when the angelic energies were flowing through her body this could happen. Each unique piece creates itself as she begins to put them together. The energies begin to flow through her body into her hands and when finished the angelic energies fulfill the creation.

After producing Japa Malas and gemstone bracelets for a few months, they were constantly selling out. A lot of owners came to tell her some great stories about how they got supported by this beautiful and powerful jewelry. Some of the people who received their Malas wore them even at night or during the whole day. They felt the energies, their support, and wanted to have them all with them.

Vanessa produces this Japa Malas and gemstone jewelry with unique artistic, angelic, and kundalini energies guided by God. There is no coincidence in life, these abilities and tools came to her like so many other miracles.

A lot of people are able to feel the power just by looking or holding Vanessa’s unique gemstone jewelry. This jewelry gets their lovely and powerful energy as they are created in her hands. It happens automatically. It is just love, angelic guidance, and God’s gift to support this special person for whom they are made. Sometimes Vanessa gets visions for whom she produces the jewelry without knowing this soul in person. Experiences have shown her that these people often show up to her place and some time after they are produced to purchase them. Miracle Jewelry activates itself in the hands of the person who holds it and increases the supportive energies. It balances and cleanses the energy system. Each piece supports the wearer for exactly what they need, with deeper, and lighter energy as known from gemstone jewelry. This is something you should experience to fully understand.

Magic gemstone Jewelry begins to work through the person right away or few shortly after people look, touch, or wear them. Free will is the highest universal law. Therefore, it is related to each person’s energies, if they are ready to let these energies support them by this special piece or their need for energetic support. It tunes itself automatically into the energies of the person to support her or him and starts its universal, angelic work.

Those who have something specific in mind can consult with Vanessa to create a special piece together. Vanessa can customize a special gemstone bracelet or Mala just for them. This piece is a wonderful manifestation of love to be able to support themselves or their loved ones more effectively.

Angels & Gurus supports and receives support from local artists so you can find a variety of rings, earrings, and necklaces in its jewelry area. All these products are also made with high quality, fine energetic gemstones.


Angels & Gurus wish you much love, joy, and miracle experiences with the unique jewelry production of Vanessa Sat Siri Kaur from Oceanside/CA.

You can get your own magic gemstone jewelry online or directly in our shop to feel the magic of LOVE. This is a great time to get some effective and powerful support with these unusual, great, and beautiful helpers.

LOVE and BLESSINGS to you!