Giselle Gharchet Kaur

A young local who has devoted her life to integrating the purity of the ancient Kundalini techniques into her everyday life.

Giselle received her bachelors in business administration and worked at USC as an event manager. The more she became dedicated to her practice and with the help of the pandemic, she was able to easily transition from Los Angeles to her hometown of North County San Diego to pursue her passion in Ayurveda and Kundalini.

She continues to maintain her angelic coaching sessions with Vanessa to hone in on her abilities to truly step into her dharma. Giselle is fascinated with astral travel, crystal healing, numerology, past life regression, mastering her handpan music and working with angels.

Giselle is grateful for the unique opportunity to combine her skills and passions together and to share them with the A&G community!

Her classes are heartfelt, creative and are guided to help each person merge with their universal self.