Vanessa Demirel-Weimar

My Mermaid Story Inline image

This is a true story that I want to share with you!

I was teaching at my yoga studio in Germany. The time was challenging and I supported many people with my work and taught several classes per week which did not allow much time for myself. Even though I practiced each day and I meditated regularly with angelic energies my body began to have some issues. My back began to hurt, I tried to heal myself, sometimes the pain was less, but it didn’t disappear. Several months later I was not able to walk straight anymore and I had a crooked posture. All my yoga students recognized something was going on with me. They were supportive and still practicing at my yoga classes, and taking my angelic offerings. I began taking more little breaks and creating some more free time for myself, but my health situation was not changing. I was still searching for a solution.

I decided to go to my house doctor and ask him for support and other healing methods, he recommended I see specialist. I take his advice and see the specialist and have an M.R.I. done. After the results came back I was told this was an emergency and I should have immediate surgery if I ever want to be rid of the diseases and be healthy again.

I talked to my husband about what we can do together and decided to heal myself with my power and abilities. I listened into myself and asked my soul for help. I had the feeling I can heal, that I can heal myself even with that kind of disease.

I remember the vision that I had years before: My soul was screaming for saltwater, for a sea or an ocean. I was living in Germany for many years and we were working so much that we could not have any holiday at this time. This emotion was so strong, I asked God again: When will our destiny, the visions we had about it, come true? Suddenly I saw myself walking on a beach in California and heard God talking to me. I heard him saying to me: “The needed finances will come to you. You will be there in five years.” This happened about six years ago and we have now been in California for over one year.

I began to see pictures from my soul: I saw myself laying on my bed. My upper body was familiar but my lower body was the body of a mermaid. I remembered another vision of mine from years before, it was of my first time seeing myself as a mermaid. It was with a small body and gray hair as a real one. She was full of wisdom, full of love and very, very old. I tried to understand what my soul wanted to tell me with these pictures. The scene, pictures, changed and I saw beautiful shores, and lovely beaches. I then saw a beautiful large shore with wonderful light blue water. I recognized these beaches. A lot of mermaid women and men were sitting in the water, others were sitting on the sandy beach. The sun was shining bright and they all were excited, happy, and calling me to come to their area to support them and be with them.
I opened my eyes and understood that I needed saltwater from the ocean. I needed it in order to heal myself. Where we lived in Germany there was no sea near. After a short search on the internet, I found a natural saltwater source that was made for regeneration in a pool at a spa. It was only about a thirty minute drive but I needed my husband to drive me there. Even though I was unable to swim, I went into the water and moved slowly. After this experience, we made more time for ourselves and for activities that supported our soul and body too. Even though I couldn’t sit in lotus position any more I continued to practice my yoga, make my angelic, and yogic meditations. I went through and became healthy again. I could walk, sit, and teach my yoga classes without any pain

Love and blessings from Vanessa