Malas hold many miracles. They have been around for ages and are used throughout the world. Malas are an ancient art and a timeless spiritual tradition.

Mala beads have many powerful benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Angels & Gurus Malas are made with gorgeous gemstones and fine crystals with therapeutic properties. Handcrafted in our beautiful studio, each Mala holds a unique, special essence. They are crafted with intention, precision, artistic integrity, and the finest materials.

7 Mala Miracles:

  1. Transmit their inherent healing powers
  2. Heighten focus & consciousness during mantra meditation
  3. Activates awareness
  4. Deep profound therapeutic vibrations
  5. Empowers and heals
  6. Aids in the process of setting intentions
  7. Reminder of spiritual pursuits

If you would like to become more familiar with Malas or know more information please e-mail or visit Angels & Gurus