Workshop Series

Teaching Little Angels Kundalini Yoga

20-hour workshop series to begin your journey
teaching yoga to children for adults

Workshop series is postponed. We will inform you when we have a new schedule.

Angels & Gurus has partnered up with Siri Gopal Kaur, owner & founder of Sonnenkind Yoga from Germany, to share her kundalini wisdom on how she builds healthy relationships with children.

This workshop series consists of five courses designed to help you understand basic kundalini yoga knowledge, philosophy and practices of yoga to further your growth and become a role model for children.

The last workshop will be taught by our special guest, Atma Singh. He is a devoted Sikh who had the opportunity to work directly with Yogi Bhajan for many years and is looking forward to impart his expertise and wisdom that we can pass on to our future generations.

Is This For Me?

No previous teaching or yoga training is required.

The workshop classes are for individuals of all types including parents, educators, nurses, social workers, yoga and wellness practitioners. If you already work with kids, or aspire to, our workshop will help foster kundalini yogic teachings and a strong pranayama practice into children’s lives.

Certificate will be provided to attendees who complete the full 20 hour immersion.

Continue below to read a summary of each workshop.

1. Breathtaking Little Gurus: Pranayama and quiet time – relaxation for the little ones

In yoga practice, the art of controlling your breath is known as pranayama. “Prana” is your energy and life force. “Ayama” simply means control. Pranayama exercises are an important part of each yoga class especially for children. Using breath work increases body awareness, promotes inner strength, cultivates inner peace, increases attention and concentration for a deeper relaxation. When teaching yoga for children, it is important to offer a playful access to breathing exercises.

2. Creative and Fun Yoga Play – Children at their Best: Playing!

The development for children in early preschool-age is best trained through playing. They don’t learn through long explanations but rather through absorbing their environments and connecting to the psyches of the people around them. Therefore, young students will learn the yoga skills from you, your own approach to yoga and through your own practice!

3. Inner Child Healing: Teaching from a Place of Inner Peace

Playing yoga with kids is fun and delightful but can also bring your own childhood wounds to the surface. Most of us have some childhood traumas and patterns that are still stored within the body or mind. Unresolved psychic traumas can lead to unintentional emotional reactions leaving you and your students confused. Prevent disasters by being clear on your traumas. Facing your shadows head on is an important step to make when becoming a role model for children. Learn to teach kids from a state of inner peace when passing on the knowledge, philosophy and practices of yoga.

4. Little Angels Flying High: Meditation for Kids

In a world overrun by mass media, kids need somewhere to turn to that doesn’t involve looking passively at a screen but instead encourages them to turn their vision inward to discover their potential power, strength, creativity and beauty. Meditation nurtures the spirit as it calms the mind, helps kids to find the path that leads to kindness, love, empathy, and service. Let’s inspire children to discover the magic with expressing their own imagination.

5. Little Gurus with Strong Bodies: Asana Practice for Children

Teaching yoga to children takes more than just familiarizing yourself with the right asanas, yoga postures. It is important to know them on a much profound level and understand how the combination of movements work every muscle, joint and assist the body systems. Asanas are also responsible for transforming emotions, keeping the body strong, flexible, healthy, establishing confidence and creating balance in life so that phases of relaxation and activation can occur with natural flow.

Each workshop is scheduled to begin at 8am (PST) and end at 12pm (PST). Workshop series begins February 12, 2022

Workshop 1: Breathtaking Little Gurus: Pranayama and Quiet Time

What you will learn:

  • Theory: The importance on how to breathe correctly
  • How to motivate children to practice their pranayama tools
  • Pranayama techniques children will love
  • List of materials you will need for pranayama-play
  • Relaxation techniques all children should experience

Workshop 2: Creative and Fun Yoga Play – Children at their Best: Playing!

What you will learn:

  • Theory: What is the difference between yoga for adults and children?
  • Interactive group activity to find your own approach to play
  • Practicing yoga versus playing yoga
  • Activate your creativity
  • Creative and fun yoga play to connect to your inner child

Workshop 3: Inner Child Healing: Teaching from a Place of Inner Peace

What you will experience:

  • Theory: Discover your inner child, connect and heal the inner child within
  • Journey to meet the inner child within you
  • Clear and release childhood patterns with meditation
  • Rebirthing Meditation: Letting go of pain of the seventh year

Workshop 4: Little Angels Flying High: Meditation for Kids 

What you will learn:

  • Theory: How to prepare kids for meditation
  • Best kundalini yoga meditations for kids
  • Mudras and how it impacts the mind
  • Magical meditations with movements: celestial communication
  • Short silent meditations for kids

Workshop 5: Little Gurus with Strong Bodies: Asana Practice for Children

What you will learn:

  • Theory: Children and their need to move the body systematically through yoga
  • The asana basics for kids: learn the 25 important postures
  • How to play creatively with the asana names
  • Create your own short yoga sequence with asanas

General Admission Pricing

Individual Workshops $95

price per single class session starting February 12 until (coming soon)

Workshop Series Package $449

price for all five (5) class sessions starting February 12 until (coming soon)

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Siri Gopal Kaur

Siri Gopal is a passionate Kundalini Yoga instructor who specializes in teaching children and teenagers in Germany. She has been practicing yoga for over thirty years and teaching kundalini yoga for twenty years.

She received her bachelors from Heidelberg University in Education Science and Philology. Upon graduation, Siri Gopal devoted to life to seva, selfless service, for six months at Miri Piri Academy, a private boarding school located in Amritsar, India founded by Yogi Bhajan. During her time there, Siri Gopal collaborated with many kundalini yoga instructors and Sikhs from all walks of life to teach yoga and help kids integrate the Sikh and Khalsa values.

Her passion for yoga and love for children inspired her to open her own yoga school, Sonnenkindyoga, meaning Sun Child Yoga in German. Today, her school is well known in the Kundalini Yoga Sangat in Europe and has become very popular.

Her innovative program for children integrates kundalini yoga, celestial communication, yoga dance, self-expression and creativity. Siri Gopal´s unique style combines play and warmth in ways that delight kids of all ages.

In addition to her kids yoga classes, Siri Gopal has also led many teacher training programs that inspire hundreds of teachers to pass on the knowledge and philosophy of kundalini to future generations.

She is excited to partner up with Angels & Gurus and share her experiences with you.

“A lot of little people with big souls come into my life. I love children from the bottom of my heart and it is my destiny to pass on the yoga teachings of ahimsa, meaning nonviolence, to bring peace into the world. If a child learns to meditate at an early age, then they can learn to regulate their emotions and the chance of active love on earth can increase with every free soul.” Siri Gopal

Atma Singh

Atma Singh was born in 1965 in Northern Germany where he raised two boys with his wife, Atma Kaur. In addition to being a family man, Atma Singh has devoted his life to teaching kundalini yoga with a strong emphasis on meditation, tantric numerology and life coaching.

Atma Singh began his kundalini journey when he took his first teacher training in 1988 and 1989. During his training, he felt called to become a personal disciple of Yogi Bhajan to further his studies and fully integrate the yogic teachings into his everyday life. As a result of his dedication, Atma was personally selected by Yogi Bhajan to continue spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga throughout Germany.

Atma Singh began teaching yoga in 1990 right after he completed his training and was instrumental for establishing the kundalini yoga community that exists today. In 1994 Yogi Bhajan challenged him to make every effort to train teachers and to pass on the teachings with grace and dignity in order to serve the people of Frankfurt, Germany.

In 1994, Atma founded an association of Kundalini Yoga teachers in Frankfurt and has been training teachers internationally from the studio since 1995.

Yogi Bhajan remained a close friend of Atma’s and would frequently visit the studio to lend support. Atma Singh continued to collaborate with Yogi Bhajan and had the unique opportunity to visit Assisi, Italy and Blois, France where they wrote the book Master’s Touch. While on this project, Atma Singh was introduced to Guru Dev Singh, another devoted yogi, to work together and expand their kundalini knowledge. The Atma’s traveled to New Mexico to learn the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan from Guru Dev Singh and brought the newly expansive techniques back to Germany. The Atma’s began teaching this healing technique and began training others through their Sat Nam Rasayan trainings for levels 1 and 2 which they still organize today.

In 2007 Atma Singh founded his own school called Shuniya – Kundalini Yoga School. There he trains kundalini yoga instructors and advanced teachers. He still holds the position as director and remains as the lead instructor for his international yoga trainings for levels 1 and 2.

In addition to managing their schools, Atma Singh and Siri Gopal Kaur still organize the White Tantra in Frankfurt which they started in 2008 as well as continue to be Sat Nam Rasayan healers in and around the Frankfurt area in Germany. Atma Singh is also a Sat Nam Rasayan teacher.

Since 2014 Atma Singh has been teaching the 21 Stages of Meditation and feels that it is his responsibility to pass on the teachings as he experienced them through Yogi Bhajan. Atma Singh’s teaching style is both mentally and physically challenging but at the same time infused with humor and compassion.