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Shop unique handcrafted products while supporting local artists and small businesses. Have confidence that all products are made with all-natural, sustainable organic materials helping our beloved mother earth.
Our prayer is for our practices and products to inspire all to remember their connection with each other and the natural world.
Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes

Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes exists to provide a blend of several oils to help with health, beauty and pain related issues. Cory’s oils are individual oils, but special mixes that are designed to help your body return to a condition where it can heal itself.

Why are Essential Oils Important?

  • They Heal the Body at a Molecular Level.
  • They are Able to Communicate with Your Body’s Cells.
  • They can be Used for Many Emotional and Physical Wellness Applications.
  • They are Much Cheaper per Dose then Prescription Chemical Medication.
  • They are Used Only in Areas Where the Body Needs.
  • They are All Natural, No Harmful Chemicals.

Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes can be a simple, easy and naturally safe way to better your health. The essential oil mixes are designed for those who want the therapeutic treatment that essential oils can do for them, without having to do the research or testing to find out which essential oils will work for their condition.

We believe that by combining more than two or three individual essential oils together, is what makes these mixes so powerful and special. Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes usually have between 10 to 15 different essential oils in any given mix, which by combining a large number of essential oils together helps to create a more potent mix. Cory does the research on each oil used in a specific mix to see how it reacts with the other oils in that mix, along with how much of each oil should be used. Cory also researches the order in which the essential oil should be added to the mix. We believe that this enhances the therapeutic qualities of the oil mix, giving it the “wow factor” in treating the problem.


Ludo’s handmade cork (vegan leather) products

Shop vegan, plant-based handbags. What makes them special? They are made of cork which is harvested from trees and doesn’t damage the tree because the bark grows right back.

Cork fabric is durable, light weight and water resistant. It has the look and feel of leather.
In addition to using sustainable cork, these handbags are all made of recycled materials so we are making fashion to also be environmentally responsible.

Hi, my name is Magdalena, owner and creator of BYOKO. At the age of 19 I moved to the dry
desert climate of Reno, Nevada from my humid home Wroctaw, Poland. My skin was shocked
and simply could not keep up with the harsh desert climate. My skin was dry, cracked, itchy, and
uneven, it seemed like every product I ted ether didn’t work or made it worse.

This led me to reflect on some familial memories and words of wisdom… Women in my family
exclusively used all-natural products and wore little to no makeup. My grandmother used to say,
“Natural look is very beautiful, and how you take care of your skin is very important, because
you will wear it for the rest of your life.” It was my grandmother’s words that resonated and
ultimately inspired me to start on this journey to create a brand and formula that strongly
refected the no nonsense skincare holets of which was raised.

After 11 years in the beauty industry, studying numerous products in the market, deep diving
into ingredients, good and bad, I discovered that most of the products I used had a high
chemical content and contradicted my very own beliefs. I needed to make a change and get
hack to my roots and take a natural approach to my shinedre.

In 2019, BYOKO was born; a unique natural sugar scrub product line that would help alleviate
skin irritants caused by the harsh, dry desert climate in which I lived.

We want you to feel good in your own skin and believe by finding a product that is truly right for
you, that you’ll fall back in love with the skin you’re in. After two years of continuously perfecting
our formula, we are personally committed to offer an effective product that will leave your skin
feeling soft, radiant and polished to perfection.

Give this unique, natural formula a try and let BYOKO Sugar Scrub help improve the look and
feel of your skin.

Krista’s Art

Krista is a talented local yoga teacher and blessed artist. She creates connected with high vibrating moon energies and angelic guidance her art. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, her background provides powerful Kundalini and yogic knowledge and energies through her art. She continues to amaze her Art lovers with each new creation. Her intuitive painting is unique, uplifting, and heartening every time from a new perspective.

Vanessa’s handmade spiritual Jewelry

Vanessa creates a unique kind of spiritual Jewelry for people who want to have beautiful, angelic, yogic vibrating, local handmade semi and full precious high-quality gemstone jewelry. She is also a blessed artist for creating Japa Malas, and makes them with angelic and yogic energies, which flow through her system as she creates them. As a result, they have strong healing abilities and activate themselves when the created person holds them in their hands or puts them on. Mostly supported people directly feel the change in their system and the uplifting energies. She has many different parts in the Angels and Gurus shop area and also customizes spiritual Jewelry for her clients.