Many of us are becoming more and more aware that change is necessary. 2020 brought massive changes to the entire collective. How do we cope? How do we deal? How do we hold the light through the dark? How do we get comfortable with being uncomfortable? How do we handle our busy everyday lives while dealing with the pressure of a global health crises? The fear in the air is thick. It is palpable, and it is real.

The truth is that many people look outside themselves to respond to fear or change. Distractions from the outside world are tempting. The illusion of control the outside world provides brings relief to those who are focused on fear. Our goal this fall is to shift out of fear and move into what is here. Our greatest gift is the present. When we tune into the present moment, we start to let go of the grasping, controlling tendencies of the mind. We start to let go of lower-dimensional dense energy that’s been keeping us stuck or holding us back. We start to let go through our breath and our body. We learn through practicing breath work, yoga, meditation, and other body/breath techniques. We strengthen our nervous systems so that the next time the real world triggers our fight/flight reflex, we are present and prepared.

Shift out of fear and move into what is here. We tune into what is here in our heart and what is here in the moment. Just because we are not focused on the fear doesn’t mean it’s not there. We all have fear and we all deal with it in our own way. We face the fear by strengthening ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually through Kundalini yoga. Our practice navigates us through changes and leaves us feeling blissful. After we practice, we feel amazing. We feel lighter, brighter, clearer, and more in tune with the present moment.