Welcome to Angels & Gurus

Welcome to Angels & Gurus

Established in August 2020 in Oceanside, CA, at Angels and Gurus,

we believe it is important to offer services to ease stress and support the community.

Therefore, we offer  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Face Yoga, 

medical Qigong,  and monthly Angelic Meditation with live Mantra Sound Healing.

COMING SOON, artisan, organic tea, coffee, and pastries from our ART CAFE

where you will also find a collective of unique handmade goods produced locally.

Including our gemstone bracelets, Malas, and earrings. Shop online or visit us in Oceanside.

We regularly have special offers and Healing Sessions/Services.

we love a lifestyle of truth, peace, and joy

kundalini yoga & healthy lifestyle studio

Yoga, Meditation, & Qigong

Kundalini Yoga combines repetitive dynamic movements, powerful breathwork, meditations, and mantras to arouse the dormant energy at the base of the spine, helping it rise the central channel of the spine and through the chakras. It is an intense practice that provides physical and mental benefits, perfecting new to advanced students. We offer classes in-person and on zoom.

In addition, we offer medical Qigong (fragrant Qigong) each Friday.

BENEFITS of regular practice, terms & affordable prices

Healing Services & Private Sessions

Our healing team offers powerful, heartfelt services and sessions for you!

Angelic Coach, Reincarnation and Yoga Therapist Vanessa’s Sessions 

Massage and Reiki Services Jamie’s Sessions

Art Cafe

Our Cafe is coming soon and will be offering healthy beverages, vegan, vegetarian, and organic home made options.

We also are a collective of many local artists and offer unique, beautiful handmade products from our vendors!

You are welcome to visit our shop in Oceanside to find unique and locally made items.

We also have beautiful high-quality Japa Malas made with Sterling Silver or 14k Gold on 100% Silk and more.

Events & Workshops

Every month Vanessa guides us through angelic vibrations in peaceful meditation. Feel the comfort, protection, healing, and unconditional love from your angels. Then open your heart more as we chant along to lovely mantra music played live from Sahejdeep Singh Thorsten.

What clients are saying…

Anastasia K.

I love this yoga studio, they are new to South Oceanside but  it is absolutely beautiful and they are not just a yoga studio. They have angelic meditations, kundalini yoga, mala’s which are mediation beautiful jewelry which are made 100% by hand (which I love because it combined meditation with yoga) and they even have a Keto lounge. They all are about health and spiritual happiness.. How awesome.. Vanessa and Thorsten are so nice and very passionate about helping people live better lives and be much happier and healthier. Their yoga teachers.. are also amazing and you can see a few videos on their mediation on YouTube and Instagram. Check them out or stop in. You will be happy and more relaxed..

James P.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, and Quality

I did my first yoga class ever there. I used a chair because I am 68 years old and not as flexible as I should be. Yoga was an experience and different. The instructor did an outstanding job and was very helpful. If you are season individual and want to do yoga, this is the place to visit.

Brenna G.

Took a meditation and kundalini class here. Such great energy and atmosphere.

Torria L.

If you are looking for a place to raise your vibes, this is it. I love all of the teachers there oh, the place is immaculate, the kindness over flowing. I have had.. sessions with Vanessa (craniosacral with Giovanna) and that is mind-blowing. I have experienced the live Mantra and meditation with Thorsten and I get to see Giselle every week for Kundalini Yoga and I can honestly say all of this has changed my life. So far every aspect of my journey has been an enlightening and pleasant one thanks to this team. Sat Nam

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