Vanessa Sat Siri Kaur

Vanessa was thirty-three years old, working as a computer scientist and manager in an international company in Germany. Life was great, but there was one thing missing – true love. So she prayed for the love of her life and had her first out-of-body experience. She connected with divine spheres and got in connection with Archangel Michael. Pure light poured into her soul, and she began to feel solid spiritual energies flowing throughout her entire body in January 2000.

Some months after, she had her Kundalini awakening two years before finding Kundalini Yoga. She began by studying Reiki and became a Reiki Master (as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui) in Germany in March 2002.

Shortly after Reiki, Vanessa’s manicurist recommended that she try Kundalini. She loved Kundalini teachings so much that she began to practice regularly and became a Kundalini Yoga Instructor from Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO in Germany in January 2004.

Vanessa knew she had to continue working with these energies, so she learned angelic healing methods from two amazing angelic healers from the U.S.A. during their teachings in Europe and decided to dive deeply into other healing methods.

Alternative medicine caught her attention, so she pursued her certificate to become a Feng Shui consultant from the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui and Geobiology Institute in March 2005.

She also enjoyed seeing the impact that pranayama (breath work) and walking provided for all, so she became a certified Breathwalk Instructor, also taught by Yogi Bhajan, from the Breathwalk Company in Espanola, New Mexico, in September 2007.

She also became a Life Coach and Professional Practitioner from Our Living Center Touchstone for Life Coaching in Los Angeles, California, in June 2008.

In 2010 she began Kundalini Yoga teachings in one of the well-known international companies in Germany. In 2012 after specializing and additional education with Y.I.U. Frankfurt, she became an instructor for Business Yoga and taught several other companies in their Health Prevention programs for their staff.

Her soul was calling for a deep connection with her soul-mate, who also was ready to be with her. After many astral travels with her soul-mate in the celestial spheres, they met in a yoga course on earth. Mostly understanding how the divine brought them together and feeling deep love for each other, Vanessa and her soul-mate were married in 2012. She specialized in supporting others during many years of experience in connecting with the right soul-mate. She helped many pairs to come together for more than 12 years.

Her passion for Kundalini continued. She became a certified Kundalini Yoga Therapist from the International School of Kundalini Yoga (I.S.K.Y.) The U.K. in 2013. For Vanessa, Kundalini’s philosophy and methods were excellent instruments for healing herself and her yoga students. She also founded her first own yoga studio in Germany in the same year.

Through her spiritual growth and development, she realized the importance of how her past lives impacted her current life. After seeing her past life and integrating her past life experiences, she knew she wanted to continue with her education. She became a Reincarnation Therapist and Hypnosis Therapist at TherMedius Institute for Medical and Therapeutic Training in 2015.

In 2017, she published a book: “I call you an angel” that includes the profound and powerful life experiences that she has had since her spiritual awakening with angels and yoga.

In 2018, Vanessa founded Angels and Gurus Inc. in Los Angeles.

In 2019, Vanessa and her husband Thorsten moved to Oceanside to spread their knowledge and love for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and are here to support the community of healers and yogis clairvoyants and anyone who is looking to heal themselves for a better life. Vanessa believes that we all deserve to live joyfully and find love in this world. In Oceanside, she offers gentle therapeutic Kundalini Yoga classes, Business Yoga, Breathwalk™ (Fitness of Kundalini Yoga), Prenatal Yoga (certified by Yoga Alliance), and Fragrant Qigong. Her types include a special kind of gentle Kundalini Yoga, where she channels the angelic energies for support. In addition, she continues to write and publishes articles for local magazines like E.P.I.C., which are established here in North County, San Diego.

In 2020, she and her husband could establish Angels and Gurus Kundalini Yoga and Lifestyle Studio in Oceanside.

In 2022, Vanessa and Thorsten began to serve in ART CAFE Oceanside (powered by Angels and Gurus) organic, sustainable, and artisan drinks and food.

Vanessa is looking forward to meeting all the beautiful souls who have been guided to experience her angelic, yogic support and enjoy lovely ART CAFE !