about meditation

Why do we love Meditation so much?

Meditation regenerates with ease!

Meditation developed over many thousands of years ago in many areas of the world, like Asia and India. It works to awaken the dormant life force energy in the body, soul, and mind. It is for a kind of brain fitness, actives unknown and reconnects areas in the brain.

Yoga, med. Qigong and many other methods like angelic therapy use meditation to support yogis in their practice to unlock inner peace and activate the divine connection. There exist different kinds of Meditation: Pranayama, celestial communication (Meditation in movement), dance meditation, mantra meditation, music meditation, angelic Meditation & more.
This practice of Meditation is so powerful, and the benefits can be felt immediately.

Benefits of this practice include:

• A strengthened immune system

• Balanced functioning of the glands and blood pressure

• Enhanced digestive, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems

• Strengthened nervous system

• Heightened senses

• Reduced or eliminated habits that inhibit the physical body

• Heightened state of well-being

• Reduced or eliminated anger, pain, anxiety, stress, and depression

• Inner calmness and mental peace

• Stronger self-control and focus

We invite everyone to practice with us!

Experience the healing for yourself!