about kundalini yoga

Why do we love Kundalini Yoga, as thought by Yogi Bhajan, so much?

Kundalini Yoga, also known as the yoga of awareness, is for everyone!

This ancient practice, developed over 50,000 years ago in India and Tibet, works to awaken the dormant life force energy at the base of the spine into the body and brain for physical and spiritual healing.
For thousands of years, the practice of Kundalini was kept secret until Yogi Bhajan taught these techniques to the United States in 1969. He believed everyone should have access to the method and would need it for the challenging times ahead.
Kundalini yoga is the highest yogic manifestation of union between mind, body, and spirit. It focuses on the spine’s health and flexibility, allowing for the proper flow of prana and life force energy. When the prana energy cannot flow, a person may suffer from physical disease, emotional instability, or stunted spiritual growth.
Kundalini Yoga is not a religion. It is universal and nondenominational. This practice supports those looking for the skills to face life’s daily challenges, the stress of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses.
Kundalini uses meditation, pranayama, asana, bandha, mudra, kriya, Drishti, and mantra to support yogis in their practice to unlock their full human potential. This practice is so powerful, and the benefits can be felt immediately.

Benefits of this practice include:

• A strengthened immune system

• Balanced functioning of the glands

• Enhanced digestive, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems

• Strengthened nervous system

• Heightened senses

• Reduced or eliminated habits that inhibit the physical body

• Heightened state of well-being

• Reduced or eliminated anger, pain, anxiety, stress, and depression

• Inner calmness and mental peace

• Stronger self-control and focus

We invite everyone to practice with us! Kundalini supports all regardless of fitness level.

Experience the healing for yourself!