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Angels and Gurus MALAs

WHAT IS A JAPA MALA? It is a prayer necklace made out of 108 beads and additional counting beads. This kind of MALA has a special kind of bead pattern.

HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF QUALITY A MALA HAS? Each MALA is different and has another energy. High-quality MALA usually has A-AAAA quality gemstones, 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold and mostly are knotted. 

HOW CAN A MALA SUPPORT YOU? The counting movement of your fingers across the MALA beads supports you to ground yourself. Each MALA has a unique design and energy. This kind of spiritual Jewelry can support you in your daily meditation practice and life. Each of the Angels and Gurus MALAs has yogic and angelic energy. It can support uplift, balance, harmonize, protect, and heal your energy system.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR MALA CLEAN? You can have your MALA whole day with you. The gemstones and Guru beads have open pores and high energy. For keeping your MALA clean you can let it rest in the night on a peaceful space. Few times per year you can hold the crystals under flowing water. The water should be lightly cool. You can clean your tassel if it needs some refreshing on the same way. You can straighten it with your fingers. It is 100% natural silk or cotton.

HOW CAN YOU REACTIVATE YOUR MALA? Each MALA is different and has another energy and Angels and Gurus MALAs activate themselves when they are in human energy system. Some MALAs are created for a special person who will feel this through the own energy system when the energies begin to flow higher than usual. Give it love and you will feel how it activates itself again.

HOW CAN YOU KEEP YOUR MALA SAFE AND HANDLE IT RESPECTFULLY? MALA is a prayer necklace which was created in love, respect, prayers and mantras. Therefore, the owner should show respect to the universal laws and energy of the MALA. You can keep it in a MALA box or in a soft lovely little pouch, etc. Just be aware of the moments you sweat a lot or go to restroom. Take it out and do not forget to take with you again. Do not let it on when you sweat a lot like on sports or another activities which are not supportive for your beautiful MALA.