Kundalini Yoga & Lifestyle Studio

Kundalini Yoga & Lifestyle Studio

supporting all those seeking a lifestyle of truth, love and joy

kundalini yoga & angelic care


$60 / Month
live zoom classes + access to data base
$120 / Month
unlimited in person classes
radiant body
$155 / Month
in person & live zoom classes plus access to data base
$1,188 / Year
unlimited in person classes, live zoom classes plus access to data base


$39 / 6 Weeks
five live zoom classes
heart centered
$99 / 6 Weeks
five in person classes
open crown
$165 / 12 Weeks
ten in person classes and live zoom classes

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Everyone is welcome!
No experience required.
call/text 760.576.1409


kundalini lifestyle studio offerings

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini is the dormant life force energy coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini Yoga combines repetitive movements, powerful breathing techniques, meditations and chanting mantras to arouse the energy and help it rise up the central channel of the spine (sushumna) and through the chakras. It is an intense practice that provides physical and mental benefits making it a wonderful option for beginners to advanced students.

Local Artist Gift Shop

We are supporting local artists in our studio! Stop by to see unique and locally made items, as well as our own handcrafted spiritual jewelry created right here in Oceanside, Ca. We make beautiful high quality gemstones Japa Malas supported with sterling silver or 14k gold.

Visit our location or shop online to view our collection. A perfect gift for any crystal enthusiast or gemstone lover.

Mantra Lounge & Keto Cafe

We are here to serve our community mind, body, and, spirit. Come relax in our Keto Cafe with soothing mantra music and delicious guilt free treats. We currently offer wonderful desserts made with love and delivered fresh from our friends at Keto Dessert Co. San Diego.

We will be adding more healthy options in the near future.

Live Mantra Music

Every month Sat Siri Kaur Vanessa guides us into the angelic realm and open us up to connecting to our angels. Feel the comfort, protection, healing, and unconditional love from your angels.

We then ride the sound current as we chant along with lovely mantra music played live from Sahejdeep Singh Thorsten.